Friday, September 8, 2017

8th Edition, or Why I'm too Busy to Post

At the outset I'd like to say how much I'm enjoying 8th edition. In particular I'm enjoying it because pretty much all of the criticisms I've levelled at previous editions have been fixed. There's ways of cancelling invulnerable saves available to all armies, vehicles are playing the same game as everything else and succumb to attrition, and a few other things. The point is that I'm loving it, and part of that loving it is both playing it more, and having less time to post about it. I have a ton of pictures that I should put up and organize into battle reports.

I currently run the following armies:

Chaos Space Marines: Night Lords Legion. I'm loving the fact that the leadership modifier that they all inflict, including the Daemon Princes by the FAQ, affects just about everything. My armies have not only survived the transition, but they've benefited immensely, as my typical Champion loadout of Power Weapon + Plasma Pistol has become very use where shooting a unit within 1" to death and charging another is concerned. My Rhinos have turned from pointless tin boxes to actual tanks, and Land Raiders blow up real good. Frankly I'm thrilled, and if I can no longer exploit things like infinite summoned Daemons and whatnot, that's probably a good thing.

Tyranids: Hive Fleet Behemoth. I'm anticipating Hive Fleets being an interesting quirk, but in the meantime I love Sporocysts as Fortifications, the immense amount of mortal wounds that can be applied in various ways, and the wonderful points reduction, stats-increase of Warriors and Genestealers respectively. I like that my otherwise useless Tervigons can just lay ten Termagants on the table without futzing around. I love that my Winged Hive Tyrant is no longer a gun-ship of doom, and I really love that Scything Talons are good enough for a lot of work, particularly on Warriors.

Astra Militarum: Cadia. You can buy a Brigade Detachment for the cost of a Battalion of other armies, and while they die in droves, they fit perfectly into the new paradigm. Haven't managed to play them yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Orks: Blood Axes. Apparently I have enough Orks, and now I just need to get some games in and see what happens. I've been watching other Ork players, and it's just so satisfying to see them back on the table.

Space Marines: Ultramarines. I haven't bought the codex yet. I'm not really sure if I want to buy it. I like them, but I don't really have any particular desire to play them. The introduction of the Primaris Marines leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Had the existing kits simply been the latest in a re-tooling of Space Marine plastics to the large size I think I would have been onboard and started buying them. Particularly where certain parts were compatible, such as heads and shoulder pads. As new and improved marines in a bodge of MkIV to MVIII armour organized Legiones-style, I simply don't want any. I think everyone would have been happy to buy 'true-scale' versions of the Space Marine armour and characters we all know and apparently love. It's a conflict for me, and I recognize in it all sorts of unpleasant conservative tendencies. I kind of understand that GW needs to grow, but I'm not sure what GW was trying to accomplish here. On the other hand, having completed my Beakie-Battle Company for 7th edition, I can understand that GW would need to offer me something new. I would have preferred GW to 'true-scale' existing armours and kits though. Maybe an updated Drop Pod kit that's not such a pig to put together. In retrospect I can see 7th edition as clearing out existing supplies of these older kits. And as I mentioned there's only so many Space Marines one can sell, and I say that as someone that's bought 300+ for my Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. I suppose they had to sell something new. It's just not for me. It'll be interesting to see the reaction as time goes on, because the new set has been bundled with the Death Guard, which are just fantastic call-outs to 30 years of Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine history. Which is why I put my Chaos Space Marines first, because I have multiple armies, and with the new edition Space Marines just aren't something I'm jazzed about right now.